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The Phoenix
The Three Aliens
Idyllic Planet


Fan Art
2772 Tarot

Alien Creatures

The Phoenix

       bathing in a crater
       "traditional" look
       Other shapes:
             a butterfly
             a winged fireball
             a mass of moving crystals
             a tentacled sphere
             an asteroid
             flying talons
             a dragon
             a planet-sized monster
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The Three Aliens

       Pincho, Lena's pet and mascot, with one of his trademark brushes
       Poox, the phlegmatic guide
       Crack, his noisy interpreter
       together, making music
       with Saruta, wearing spacesuits
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Monkies for target practice

An alien parasite on Saruta's face
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Fauna of the planet Lacrimosa

       firebirds with natural gas-engines
       various creatures 1
       various creatures 2
       something pink and female
       a living sand-glass
       a centaur and an anti-centaur
       Ban's house, built inside the skeleton of some giant creature
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Fauna of the idyllic planet

       jumping melons
       a walking tree
       a vacuum cleaner
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