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Fan Art
2772 Tarot

Storyboard sketches

Godo's early childhood
A special robot
Olga - Godo's best friend
Robots are not allowed at school
Godo's training
Godo's melancholy
Lena (note the early character designs side by side with the final versions)
In Lena's garden
Olga's jealousy
Rock tells Godo they are twins
Rock and Lena's marriage is arranged
The lovers and their servants
Black Jack
The great construction project
A robot guard
Dr. Saruta
Rock and Lena's wedding
Going to hijack a spaceship
Godo's fight with Black Jack
Escape to space
Olga's unrequited feelings
Music scene
Victim of the Phoenix
The Phoenix bathing
The hunt
The monster's claws
Washing acid off the ship; the alien parasite
Olga's confession
Godo and the Phoenix
The miracle
Rock's big plans
Farewell to Black Jack
Too late to escape
Geological catastrophe
Godo's self-sacrifice
Rays of hope
Olga and Godo's transformation

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